English eBook Cutie Shirt 62-134


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Size 62-134
The Cutie Shirt is a girly top with various sleeve and hem options. You can sew ruffled sleeves or classic, short sleeves onto it and attach an optional fluted hem. The cut is short at the front and long at the back, and slightly flared.



List of materials

Jersey is best for making the Cutie Shirt. I also recommend using jersey for the edging strip. A hemmed neckline looks great if you use the same material as the top itself. The neckband must be sewn on using cuff products. For the very small sizes, I recommend sewing on neckbands.

This is calculated at a fabric thickness of 150 cm.

Fabric consumption in cm  62-74 80-92 98-110 116-134
 Normal sleeves + fluted hem 40cm 50cm 60cm 65cm
 Ruffled sleeves + fluted hem 40cm 50cm 60cm 65cm
 Normal sleeves + normal hem 40cm 45cm 55cm 60cm
 Ruffled sleeves + normal hem 40cm 45cm 55cm 60cm

You will also need:

– Sewing machine
– Pins or fabric clips
– Fabric scissors or rotary cutter
– Printer

You get detailed instructions with many pictures that are also suitable for sewing beginners. The pattern is in A4 format for self-printing and in DIN A0 format for large format printers and beamers.


You can sew the Cutie Shirt in various different versions.


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