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English eBook Girly Sweater 56-158 (Kombi)


Includes 7% MwSt.

Sizes 56 – 158

The Girly Sweater is a girly, body-hugging cropped-style top with peplum. The sleeves can be turned up, meaning that the sweater fits at least two sizes. Instructions on how to attach an optional button strip are also included in this ebook. The ebook is suitable for beginner sewers.  You will receive two separate eBooks, one for sizes 56-104 and one for sizes 110-158.



Fabric requirement

The Girly Sweater is designed for stretchy fabrics such as sweat and jersey. The fabric requirement has been generously estimated for a fabric width of 150 cm and cuff width of 70 cm.

Fabric required 56-68 74-86 92-104
Sweater 30cm 35cm 40cm
Cuff fabric 20cm 25cm 30cm
Peplum 25cm 27cm 30cm
Fabric required 110-122 128-140 146-158
Sweater 40cm 45cm* 55cm*
Cuff fabric 35cm 35cm 35cm
Peplum 32cm 36cm 40cm

*Calculation for unicoloured fabrics where it is not necessary to pay attention to the pattern. Otherwise a higher consumption/usage may occur.

You will also need:

– A sewing machine
– Pins or fabric clips
– Fabric scissors or rotary cutter
– A printer


All rights of this ebook are reserved by Schleiferlwerk – Vanessa Werkstetter. A trading license is required if selling articles of clothing made using these instructions. The transfer, exchange, sale and publication of this ebook or extracts thereof are expressly prohibited. No liability can be accepted for possible errors in the instructions or pattern.

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